Description: photo of three women and two men at the International Boundary. In the back seat are Cornelia Gonzales, her Tia Manuelita Gonzales and Tio Jose Gonzales. Jose had a substantial ranch in Galisteo, and Cornelia lived with her brother Nazario in a Delgado Street house just to the south of Canyon Road. Pennant reads "On the Boundary Line, U.S. and Mexico." Handwritten on back of card: "Uncle Jose Gonzalez, Aunt Manuelita, Aunt Cornelia at Tia Juana in 1915, where they went to Exposition in San Diego."

Creation Date: c. 1915


Object ID: pc_plg_001.jpg

Copyright: public domain

Format: scan of real-photo postcard

Size: approx 3.5 in x 5.25 in (8.9 cm x 13.4 cm)

Credit: Collection of Paul and Lizzie Gonzalez, Panama-California Exposition Digital Archive

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