About the Digital Archive


The 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition forever changed Balboa Park and helped put San Diego on the map. The Panama-California Exposition Digital Archive project is preserving important documents and images from that Exposition for the benefit of the public and for the use of researchers. Images are stored at their highest resolution on Quantum tape, today’s most reliable storage medium for long-term archiving. Tapes are portable, allowing offsite, offline back-up, and disaster recovery.

We invite you to contribute to this on-line Digital Archive. Do you have items related to the Panama-California Exposition from the planning years (1909-1914), the two years of the Exposition (1915-1916), or during Balboa Park’s occupation by the military (1917-1919) on the Exposition grounds? We prefer high-resolution images whenever possible and will arrange to scan or photograph your material without charge if it meets our needs. Contact us at: archive@c100.org

The Panama-California Exposition Digital Archive was created through the support of the members of the Balboa Park Alliance (The Committee of One Hundred, the Balboa Park Trust at the San Diego Foundation, and the Friends of Balboa Park). The County of San Diego is a major financial sponsor, along with many individual donors. The Panama-California Exposition Digital Archive project was developed and is managed by The Committee of One Hundred.

Nearly all the material in the Digital Archive is in the public domain. Images may be used in publications without the permission of The Committee of One Hundred. Any restrictions noted should be honored and permission sought from the contributor. We ask that credit be given as indicated or, if not otherwise specified, as follows:

Credit: Panama-California Exposition Digital Archive.

Additional material from this project is available online at the Internet Archive www.archive.org