Audio & Video

Video: A Glimpse of the San Diego Exposition (no audio in film)

Video: Fatty Arbuckle and Mabel Normand Visit the San Diego Exposition (silent film with organ music)

Audio: “I Love You, California,” official song of the Panama-California Exposition

San Diego Exposition Weekly (newsreel-no audio)

Video: Opening Day Parade, Panama-California International Exposition, 1916

Video: Plaza de Panama

Video: When President Greets President

Video: Following the Crowd to the Isthmus (along El Prado)

Video: Scene on the Isthmus

Video: Presidential Candidate Charles Evans Hughes Visits San Diego (parade stops in Plaza de California)

Video: Lark Ellen (Ellen Beach Yaw) Welcomes the Distinguished Guest (Hughes) to the Exposition with Song

Video: Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Entertained by the Noble Redmen

Video: Mr B. Goat Seeks an Introduction (to Hughes in the Indian Village)

Video: A Famous Acoma Chieftain (Indian Dance)

Video: Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Greeting Visitors at the U.S. Government Building (& Organ Pavilion)

Video: President Davidson Welcoming Ex-President Roosevelt

Video: “DE-E-E Lighted” (Roosevelt reviews military parade on Plaza de Panama)

Video: East Gate (trolley passengers enter Exposition grounds)

Video: Motoring along El Camino Real to the Exposition

Video: Hollywood Day at the Exposition Beautiful

Video: Miss Myrtle Steadman Paramount Star Singing at the Mammoth Organ

Video: Two famous stars of the screen Miss Ruth Roland and Mr. Henry King, spending the day at the Exposition

Video: Katherine Tingley and senior girls of the Raja Yoga College near San Diego

Video: The first Greek theatre in the United States near the Exposition