Winfield Hogaboom

Winfield Hogaboom was appointed director of publicity for the San Diego Exposition as early as February 1911.
He was born May 1, 1866, in Elmira, New York. The family removed westward to Wisconsin and Winfield Hogaboom pursued his education in the schools of Milwaukee and Lake Geneva

Years of experience in the newspaper field have well qualified him for the work … he labored for twelve years in connection with the Associated Press. At one time he was owner and editor of newspapers in South Dakota and afterward in California, and his editorship with the Associated Press made him well known in his professional capacity in various cities of this state. He also was editor of the Los Angeles Herald for four years. In 1904 he became manager of the Grand Theater in Los Angeles. He is widely known as a magazine writer, his stories being principally of a humorous nature, and he is also the author and publisher of two novels which have had an extensive sale throughout the country, under the titles of “Tales for Thin People” and “The River of Lies.”

Shortly after his connection with the project of the San Diego Exposition, Mr. Hogaboom was also elected general secretary of the exposition organization. He remained director of publicity until at least February, 1914.

From San Diego County Vol 2, by Samuel T. Black, 1913