Description: Teddy Roosevelt at the Panama-California Exposition; Appearing: President Theodore Roosevelt, George W. Marston, Gilbert Aubrey Davidson, Edith Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt attends the Panama-California Exposition on Roosevelt Day, July 27, 1915. He arrives at the United States Government Building in an open touring car with two men in the rear seat. The man who is wearing a ribbon on his coat appears to be George W. Marston, park commissioner. Gilbert Aubrey Davidson, president of the Exposition, and others greet Roosevelt and his party. The final scenes are of him and his wife, Edith, speaking with various officials and a child on the steps of the building and a close-up of the group talking.

Creator: Stineman, San Diego, Calif

Creation Date: July 27, 1915



Copyright: Public domain

Format: Film

Credit: Library of Congress: